Charles Mingus – Mingus at Antibes

Charles Mingus – Mingus at Antibes

CD Posted on July 3, 2013 at 5 h 48 min

CD : Mingus at Antibes

Artist : Charles Mingus

Genre : Jazz

Time : 1:11:44
Issue : 01/01/1970
Producer :
Label : Wea Japan
UPC : 4943674140718
Charles Mingus - Mingus at Antibes
Track List :
  1. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting - 12:09
  2. Prayer for Passive Resistance - 8:17
  3. What Love? - 14:05
  1. I'll Remember April - 13:57
  2. Folk Forms I - 11:42
  3. Better Get Hit in Your Soul - 11:34

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Ahead of Its Time March 19, 2000
Very progressive music for its time -- even for what Mingus was doing in the studio during this "Golden Age." From a music historian's perspective, it does rate five stars for that reason, and also because this is probably the best live recording that we have of Mingus. The music itself is also wonderful, except that Bud Powell's never-ending, never-interesting piano solo on I'll Remember April is, indeed, truly lame. If you are on a tight budget, I would opt first for Mingus Ah Um, Picanthropus Erectus, and (Mingus' masterpiece, in my opinion) The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady. On the other hand, those are not live recordings so my advice would be to splurge and get this one, too. Hey, it's Mingus, and that is a beautiful thing.


  • mingus at antibes prieres pour la resistance passive
  • FOLK FORMS ミンガス

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