Emma Shapplin – Carmine Meo

Emma Shapplin – Carmine Meo

CD Posted on February 5, 2013 at 5 h 40 min
Emma Shapplin is a female version of Andrea Bocelli, doing pop versions of opera classics. With over two million copies sold in Europe, this ranked as one of the best selling French albums of 1999.

CD : Carmine Meo

Artist : Emma Shapplin

Genre : Crossover,neoclassical ,pop,classical,Opera

Time : 35:23
Issue : 12/12/1997
Producer :
Label : EMI Import
UPC : 0055490196320
ASIN : B00003IQJ1
Emma Shapplin - Carmine Meo
Track List :
  1. De L'Abime Au Rivage... -
  2. Spente Le Stelle - 4:27
  3. Vedi, Maria... - 5:04
  4. Carmine Meo - 4:17
  5. Cuor Senza Sangue - 4:03
  6. Favola Breve - 4:31
  1. Reprendo Mai Piu... -
  2. Une Ombre Dans Le Ciel - 0:58
  3. Lucifero, Quel Giorno... - 3:34
  4. Ira Di Dio - 4:35
  5. Miserere, Venere... - 3:54
  6. A La Frontiere Du Reve... -

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music that takes you to another world February 26, 2000
I heard one song from this cd in a restaurant and spent the next day on a mission to find out what CD it was and to purchase it. Ms Shapplin has put together a collection of songs in different languages that transport the listener to the depths of one's hearts and then to the mystery of one's soul. Her voice is exquisitely pure and the music transports you to worlds one never imagined. I am not an opera fan and yet Emma's music and vocals have awakened a deep appreciation of a classically trained voice.I recommend this CD to anyone who wants to hear a voice that is unparrelled in its purity, accompanied by music that will awaken your soul

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