Foghat – The Best of Foghat

Foghat – The Best of Foghat

CD Posted on January 3, 2013 at 7 h 49 min
Like so many other bands who formed in the early '70s, Foghat's sound was based upon the wails and moans of the blues guitar. Foghat took this basic structure and added a rowdy four-bar boogie feel to it, cranked the amps to 11, and unleashed a series of LPs that would achieve gold or platinum status. "Best of Foghat" captures the band's finer moments. "Slow Ride" with its funky-boogie bass line and guitar harmony leads was every air-guitarist's dream come true, and the long breakdown at the song's mid-point that finally erupted into scorching fret work epitomized the "big rock ending" of the 1970s. "Fool for the City" was another rush of rock and roll adrenaline, with its repeated chorus and steady straight four/four beat. "I Just Want to Make Love to You" also demonstrated singer Dave Peverett's bluesy growl, an influence that often seemed more prevalent in the band's guitar work. --"Steve Gdula"

CD : The Best of Foghat

Artist : Foghat

Genre : Rock

Time : 1:13:53
Issue : 23/01/1992
Producer :
Label : Rhino/Bearsville
UPC : 0081227008826
ASIN : B0000032AT
Foghat - The Best of Foghat
Track List :
  1. I Just Want To Make Love To You - 3:51
  2. Maybelline - 3:36
  3. Ride, Ride, Ride - 4:30
  4. Take It Or Leave It - 4:57
  5. Home In My Hand - 5:01
  6. Drivin' Wheel - 4:32
  7. Fool For The City - 3:28
  8. Slow Ride - 3:59
  1. Stone Blue - 3:58
  2. Honey Hush - 4:25
  3. Night Shift - 5:36
  4. Wild Cherry - 5:31
  5. Third Time Lucky (First Time I Was A Fool) - 4:11
  6. Easy Money - 3:55
  7. Chateau Lafitte '59 Boogie - 6:19
  8. Eight Days On The Road - 6:04

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In the late 60's Roger Earl & Lonesome Dave Peverett toured America as members of the seminal British band Savoy Brown who were on the cutting edge of the emerging British blues-rock scene. Foghat was formed in 1971 when Roger and Dave left Savoy, wanting to give a more rock 'n roll flavor to the blues-boogie music they had been playing. They took America by storm during the '70s. and dominated…

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