Ian Hunter – You’re Never Alone with A Schizophrenic

Ian Hunter – You’re Never Alone with A Schizophrenic

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You're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic is the fourth solo album by Ian Hunter. The album features members of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band as the backing band. It is considered by many to be Hunter's best recording. The title was dreamed up by co-producer Mick Ronson which he had planned for one of his solo albums. Hunter loved the title so much that he offered Ronson co-writing credit on the first single "Just Another Night" in exchange for the use of the title for the album. The album became one of Hunter's biggest sellers at the time. Later, singer Barry Manilow covered the song "Ships" which became a top ten hit. In 2009 EMI released a 30th anniversary reissue of the album remastered with 5 bonus tracks on the first disc of outtakes and A second disc of live tracks recorded on the tour to support the album but previously unreleased. The reissue also came with a deluxe booklet discussing the making the album along with vintage and new interviews with Hunter.

CD : You're Never Alone with A Schizophrenic

Artist : Ian Hunter

Genre : Rock

Time : 41:59
Issue : 26/03/1979
Producer : Mick Ronson
UPC : 5099969813429
Ian Hunter - You're Never Alone with A Schizophrenic
Track List : Disk One :
  1. Just Another Night - 4:36
  2. Wild East - 3:58
  3. Cleveland Rocks - 3:48
  4. Ships - 4:11
  5. When The Daylight Comes - 4:27
  6. Life After Death - 3:49
  7. Standin' In My Light - 4:35
  8. Bastard - 6:37
  9. The Outsider - 5:58
  10. Don't Let Go -
  11. Ships [Take 1] -
  12. When The Daylight Comes -
  13. Just Another Night -
  14. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On -
Disk Two :
  1. F.B.I. -
  2. Once Bitten Twice Shy -
  3. Life After Death -
  4. Sons And Daughters -
  5. Laugh At Me -
  6. Just Another Night -
  7. One Of The Boys -
  8. Letter To Brittania From Union Jack -
  9. Bastard -
  10. All The Way From Memphis -
  11. Cleveland Rocks -
  12. All The Young Dudes -
  13. When The Daylight Comes -
  14. Sweet Angeline -

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Throughout his astonishing career, Ian Hunter has produced a matchless repertoire of exciting music combining homage, honesty and killer hooks. As the lead singer and focal point in Mott the Hoople, Ian Hunter established himself as an incredibly inventive songwriter with his gritty and thought-provoking songs, paving the way for the original of punk rock. As a renowned solo performer he has also…


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