India, Jazzy Jeff, Jr. Vincent Montana – Nuyorican Soul

India, Jazzy Jeff, Jr. Vincent Montana – Nuyorican Soul

CD Posted on March 5, 2013 at 5 h 37 min

CD : Nuyorican Soul

Artist : India, Jazzy Jeff, Jr. Vincent Montana

Genre : Funk, Latin, Latin Jazz, Soul

Time : 1:14:24
Issue : 02/11/1997
Producer : 'Little' Louie Vega, Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez
Label : Blue Thumb
UPC : 0011105113021
India, Jazzy Jeff, Jr. Vincent Montana - Nuyorican Soul
Track List :
  1. Nuyorican Soul Intro - 1:24
  2. I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun - 5:20
  3. It's Alright, I Feel It! - 3:18
  4. Maw Latin Blues - 6:20
  5. Gotta New Life - 4:27
  6. Nautilus (Mawtilus) - 7:12
  7. Taita Caneme - 4:59
  1. Habriendo El Dominante - 6:08
  2. Roy's Scat - 3:08
  3. Sweet Tears - 5:10
  4. Runaway - 7:54
  5. Shoshana - 7:14
  6. Jazzy Jeff's Theme - 2:53
  7. You Can Do It (Baby) - 8:57

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Truly Masters At Work February 5, 1999
By A Customer
This is one of the best Albums that I've ever heard.Not one track on this album isn't fresh and innovative.The 2 guys who brought us Nuyorican Soul are Lil' Louie Vega and Kenny 'Dope'Gonzalez.They also go under a variety of other names:Masters at Work(MAW),Kenlou and also on solo projects such as 'The Bucketheads'(Kenny) and 'Lil'Louie'. Most of this latter stuff is remixing or producing house music with a lot of latin-disco-jazz influence. As for this album it is a modern masterpiece with a really srong latin-disco-jazz vibe with many diverse yet exciting tracks.This album would stand alone if it were just by Louie and Kenny but the guest appearences by divas like Jocelyn Brown and India plus kings like Roy Ayers,Tito Puente and of course George Benson make it shine out far above the rest. As some other reviewer said:Don't lend it to your friends,go make them buy their own copy because believe me they'll thank you for it.


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