Klaus Schulze – Shadowlands

Klaus Schulze – Shadowlands

CD Posted on April 27, 2013 at 8 h 43 min
Limited two CD edition that includes a bonus disc containing two additional tracks (over 73 minutes worth of music). 2013 album from the German Electronic music pioneer, his first solo studio album in six years. Electronic music has made Berlin born Klaus Schulze an iconic musician since he founded Ash Ra Tempel some 40 years ago, developing his own art form as a communicative hermit after his stint behind the drum kit of Tangerine Dream.

CD : Shadowlands

Artist : Klaus Schulze

Genre : Space music, Ambient music

Time : 2:29:11
Issue : 17/01/2013
Producer :
Label : Synthetic Symphony
UPC : 0886922600708
Klaus Schulze - Shadowlands
Track List :
  1. Shadowlights - 41:18
  2. In Between - 17:08
  1. Licht und Schatten - 17:25
  2. The Rhodes Violin - 55:28
  3. Tibetan Loop - 17:52

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Klaus Schulze Chills Out. March 26, 2013
German electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze has returned "Shadowlands", his first solo studio album since 2007's "Kontinuum". During the interim, Klaus released the hugely successful "Farscape" with Dead Can Dance singer Lisa Gerrard and three live albums (two with Gerrard and one solo). With "Shadowlands", Klaus has released a rather subdued and downtempo affair. While his signature atmospherics are very much in place, there are no heavy sequencers or synth solos at the forefront on this album. Instead, we are treated to an extended series of long-held synth chords, light sequences and subtle percussion with treated echoed vocals, violin and flute. Each of the album's five extended pieces (on the double-disc version) maintain the same mood throughout and the music blends well into the background. There are also some slight Middle Eastern influences heard throughout the album especially with Thomas Kagermann's violin and in some of the female vocals. Kagermann is especially brilliant on the 55-minute epic "The Rhodes Violin" on disc 2. Out of all the many albums that Klaus Schulze has released during his 40+ year career, "Shadowlands" is probably the most ambient thing he has ever released. Those expecting a full-on Berlin School sequencer-fest may be a bit disappointed by the restrained approach heard here. This does not mean that the album is bad though. In fact, "Shadowlands" is far from being bad. It's obvious that Klaus's intentions were to create an excellent atmospheric chill-out opus. In the end, I would say that he definitely succeeded in that and the end results are absolutely beautiful. For this reason, I definitely DO recommend this album.
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